The Medication Trump Is On Is A Red Flag For A Serious COVID Case

Specialists say that Trump taking dexamethasone is a red flag that is a sign that the patient has a serious case of COVID.

Brian J. Karem of Playboy tweeted:

Trump’s doctor admitted that he lied about the President’s condition to reporters on Saturday, as he continued to paint a sunny picture of Trump’s condition on Sunday.
However, the few details that are coming out through independent reporting suggest that Trump is not doing as well as his doctor suggested. For the sake of political appearances, it is possible that Trump will be discharged from the hospital and sent back to the White House, but it will be telling to see if Trump resumes regular activity or if he shows up at the second presidential debate.

The picture that the White House is painting isn’t matching up with the reporting of independent journalists.

Trump is trying to fool the American people, but he may not be able to hide the real status of his health with the presidential election coming up in a month.

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