Trump Exposes Secret Service Agents To COVID So He Can Have A Photo-Op

Secret Service agents wearing nothing but N95 respirators for protection had to ride in a car with Trump so that he could wave to a small crowd of supporters.


Jeremy Diamond of CNN reported:

Just the last point here, what he’s doing instead in doing this PR move to show his supporters that he is doing all right, he is putting the lives of Secret Service agents at risk. We saw at least two Secret Service agents in the vehicle the president was riding in. They were wearing n95 respirators, but that’s it.

Not the kind of protocols behind me at Walter Reed, where we’re told doctors going into the room to treat him, they are wearing the full suite of protective gear, which includes a mask, some kind of face shields. It includes gloves, protective equipment on top of their clothing. There’s some risk the president is willing to put the secret service atmosphere through in order to get his public-facing objectives.

Video of Diamond’s report:

Trump needed his ego stroked, so he had to get out in front of a crowd. Since Trump’s personal needs always come before the health and safety of those around him, he exposed Secret Service agents to the coronavirus, just so that he could wave to some people and pretend like everything is fine.

Even after getting the coronavirus, Trump continues to endanger the lives of those around him.

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