Kayleigh McEnany Has COVID As Trump Plague Spreads

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced that she has tested positive for the coronavirus, as the Trump plague is raging through the White House.

McEnany tweeted:

The list of administration, campaign, US Senators, and Trump family members is becoming almost too big to list everyone who has contracted the coronavirus. The list includes but is not limited to, Melania Trump, Trump’s campaign manager, three US Senators, Kellyanne Conway, and Kellyanne Conway’s teenage daughter. All told, Trump’s super spreader Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court nomination announcement in the Rose Garden has sickened dozens of Republicans and their families.

The White House is pushing for Trump, who is not in stable condition, to be released from the hospital as soon as today, but it is clear as with everything else associated with this administration and the pandemic, the spread of the coronavirus among Republicans and the White House is far from under control.

Trump getting out the hospital won’t change the fact that the pandemic is now the front and center campaign issue, and the GOP COVID outbreak is proof that they can’t handle the crisis.

Joe Biden needs to bring in a HAZMAT team to disinfect the White House before his administration can move in.

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