Poll: Biden Ahead in Pennsylvania, Voters Believe Trump “Dropped the Ball” on Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is at the top of Pennsylvania voters’ concerns this election, according to the latest CBS News Battleground Tracker, which found Democrat Joe Biden enjoys a seven-point lead over President Donald Trump (51 percent to 44 percent).

Voters believe Trump “dropped the ball” on coronavirus by downplaying the effects it would have on American life.

“Our business lost over $30,000,” said firefighter Chris Smith, who had to work overtime to keep his family financially solvent after the pandemic hurt his wife’s small business. “I really think our president dropped the ball big time on that. Here we are, six, seven months later, and we’re no better off now today than we were back in March.”

A New York Times/Siena College poll released Saturday found 49 percent of likely Pennsylvania voters support Biden while 42 percent support Trump.

President Trump has been harshly criticized after he tested positive for the coronavirus following months of downplaying the pandemic and refusing to wear a mask.

The White House was also criticized for providing conflicting messages about the President’s health. Trump’s behavior on Twitter earlier this morning reignited concerns that he is incapacitated and that the 25th Amendment would need to be invoked.

Speaking to the hosts of “Fox and Friends,” White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says President Donald Trump could be released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center later today. Meadows says Trump can return to a “normal work schedule” while he recovers.

“That determination has not been made yet. Obviously, he continued to improve overnight and his health continues to improve,” Meadows said. “The doctors will actually have an evaluation sometime late morning and then the president, in consultation with the doctors, will make a decision on whether to discharge him later today. We’re still optimistic that based on his unbelievable progress and how strong he’s been in terms of his fight against this COVID-19 disease that he will be released, but that decision will not be made until later today.”