Poll: Most Pennsylvania Voters Trust Biden to Lead on Covid

The latest Monmouth University poll found that more voters trust Democrat Joe Biden to lead the nation as it contends with the coronavirus pandemic. On this matter, Biden has a 12-point lead over President Donald Trump among Pennsylvania voters “and anywhere from an 8-point to 11-point lead among likely voters.”

Among all registered voters in Pennsylvania, the race for president stands at 54% for Biden and 42% for Trump,” Monmouth notes. “Another 1% support Libertarian Jo Jorgensen and 2% are undecided. Biden maintains a sizable lead when likely voter models are applied. A model based on a somewhat higher level of turnout than 2016 puts the race at 54% for Biden and 43% for Trump, while one reflecting lower turnout has it at 53% for Biden and 45% for Trump.”

The current results show “a wider gap” from a month ago when Biden held a four-point lead (49 percent to 45 percent) among registered voters.

“If any recent event moved the needle it was more likely last week’s debate than the president’s Covid diagnosis. What seems to be more important than either event, though, is voters’ focus on which candidate they trust more on the issues that keep them up at night,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

The coronavirus pandemic is also at the top of Pennsylvania voters’ concerns this election, according to the latest CBS News Battleground Tracker, which found Democrat Joe Biden enjoys a seven-point lead over President Donald Trump (51 percent to 44 percent).

Voters believe Trump “dropped the ball” on coronavirus by downplaying the effects it would have on American life.

“Our business lost over $30,000,” said firefighter Chris Smith, who had to work overtime to keep his family financially solvent after the pandemic hurt his wife’s small business. “I really think our president dropped the ball big time on that. Here we are, six, seven months later, and we’re no better off now today than we were back in March.”