Trump Just Doomed Himself By Rejecting Pandemic Stimulus Deal

Trump rejected and took responsibility for rejecting a pandemic stimulus deal that would have helped millions of people before the election.

Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump just rejected a stimulus deal that would help people and give him an accomplishment that he could take credit for, less than a month before the election.

The economy is not doing well. It is slowing down with unemployment at 7.9%, and experts warning that without an infusion of stimulus money to those in need things will get much worse. Trump is trying blackmail America into giving him a second term by holding stimulus money hostage.

However, Democrats, if they keep the House and win the Senate and the presidency, will pass a real stimulus that will jumpstart the economy.

The Dow immediately dropped 300 points after Trump made his announcement.

Trump just shot himself in the foot, and if he wasn’t doomed already, has taken another step toward sealing his defeat in November.

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