Trump Jeopardizes National Security By Spreading COVID To The Military

Trump has caused a COVID outbreak among members of the military who traveled with him last week and set off a national security crisis.

Jennifer Jacobs reported:

Kaitlin Collins reported:

Trump’s behavior has serious ramifications for national security as military members who were in contact with Trump are testing positive for the coronavirus.

With each new development in this crisis, Trump is making a case for electing Joe Biden. A president who is responsible enough to not spread a deadly virus to the troops is not too much to ask. Any decent human being who cared about other people would not put innocent lives at risk.

Trump’s COVID outbreak has now spread to the military at a time when the nation is already distracted by the pandemic, the election, and Trump’s health.

America’s adversaries are watching a nation in disarray as Trump has jeopardized national security with his selfish actions.

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