Betsy DeVos: We Need to Reopen In-Person Learning in “Every Possible Situation”

Parents across America would like to get their children back to school, but also do so in a safe way. In some areas, that has been difficult. The city of Boston recently shuttered public schools after an alarming rise in positive COVID-19 cases.

Despite having the virus, Donald Trump has also pushed for the reopening of schools. And he is joined in lock-step by his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

On Wednesday, DeVos held a virtual conference call with the Pacific Research Institute. During the call, she made some alarming comments about public schools.

The Secretary remarked, “We know that in some places where there is a spike in cases of the virus, that there may have to be short times of working at a distance, but for those families who need and want this for their children, learning in person, there’s no other substitute for it.”

DeVos continued, “We have continued to urge states and districts to make sure they’re offering this as an option to families. Of course, these are state and local decisions, but we will continue to use the bully pulpit to urge this to happen.”

The Secretary also took a shot at Unions during the call. When discussing safety demands made by teachers, she said, “It’s not focused on doing what’s right for students. It’s focused on adult issues and protecting adult positions, adult power, and frankly, at the core, it’s all around the resources and the power. This is not focused on doing what’s right for kids.”