Kamala Harris Wipes The Floor With Pence In Big Debate Win

Sen. Kamala Harris won big at the vice presidential debate as Mike Pence spent the evening lying and trying to clean up Trump’s failures.

Pence spent the entire evening interrupting, as he tried to mouth all of Trump’s failed talking points and barraged the American people with falsehood after falsehood.

Harris basically called Pence a liar:

Harris hit Pence on the fact that the Trump administration will lose the most jobs in US history:

Mike Pence tried to bring up court-packing and walked right into a trap:

Mike Pence tried to sell a fantasy Trump presidency that the American people know does not exist. One could almost see Donald Trump’s lips moving as Mike Pence spoke. Trump needed Mike Pence to ride to the rescue and save his failing campaign.

Pence was talking over and interrupting Harris throughout the debate. Pence steamrolled over the rules

and showed why these debates need to have a mute button. In 2016, Pence was the mainstream face of Trump radicalism. In 2020, Pence has become a mini-Trump, and he reminded voters why this administration has to be voted out in November.

Kamala Harris was in control. She was dominant, and she completely wiped the floor with Mike Pence.

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