Out Of His Mind Trump Says Getting COVID Was A Blessing From God

Trump talked up an experimental treatment that he got the name wrong of, still had trouble breathing, and called getting COVID a blessing from God.

Trump made several false claims in his video that I won’t transcribe. Trump claimed that the experimental treatment that he got was a cure. He promised that the vaccine would arrive before the election. He also touted an unproven experimental drug treatment that he promised to get to the American people for free. He said the word cure multiple times, went off on a rant about China causing the pandemic, and claimed that he directed his own treatment.


The President who wanted to inject the American people with bleach sounded like a deranged pitchman. It was impossible to tell whether he was trying to sell a timeshare condo, some Trump steaks, or graduate classes at Trump University.

The videos are a disaster. Trump keeps trying to tell people how great he is feeling as he looks and sounds like that a person that is totally out of their mind.

The key admissions here were that Trump directed his own treatment, which is why he is taking medicines that have been tried on less than ten Americans, and there isn’t going to be a coronavirus vaccine before election day.

Trump isn’t fooling anyone, except for his current supporters.

Each one of Donald Trump’s videos helps to get Joe Biden elected.

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Jason Easley

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