Men Think Kamala Harris Won As Trump’s Base Collapses

The gender gap was alive and well in CNN’s post-debate poll, but what was surprising was that men and women agree that Kamala Harris won.

The results:

If the gender gap in the polls repeats itself on election day, Trump and Pence will get blown out. The male non-college-educated rural voter is the backbone of Donald Trump’s support. Men, in general, are the majority of Trump voters. Joe Biden has gotten Trump’s lead with men into the single digits in both state and national polling.

One would have expected, Pence would have been able to hang on the support of men, but more men thought that Kamala Harris won.

One dynamic for the election will be both simple and telling to follow. If Biden/Harris carries women by 30 or more points, and Trump/Pence carries men by single digits, the election will be a blow out victory for Democrats.

The results of the CNN post-debate viewer poll are unambiguous. Kamala Harris won, as Mike Pence can’t save the sinking Trump presidency.

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