Trump’s Doctor Predicts He’ll Be Normal By Saturday After Pelosi Goes 25th Amendment

Trump’s doctor is now predicting that the President will be back to normal by Saturday hours after Pelosi suggested the 25th Amendment.

Here is the statement from Dr. Sean Conley:

It is not a coincidence that the statement from Trump’s doctor was released after Speaker of the House Pelosi said that House Democrats are going to move toward invoking the 25th Amendment to take away Trump’s presidential powers. House Democrats are going to introduce a bill that would create an oversight commission on the President’s health, which would be the first step toward invoking the 25th Amendment.

Trump is clearly not well, and unless his doctor is a psychic, he has no way of knowing that Trump will be back to normal by Saturday.

The other question is, what will normal be for Donald Trump after getting the coronavirus and being on experimental drugs?

The one vital piece of information that the medical update did not contain is the date of Trump’s last negative coronavirus test.

Trump refused to participate in next week’s presidential debate because it will be virtual, and he has made a series of decisions that are even more erratic than usual.

The American people should be skeptical of medical updates that are nothing more than political documents designed to keep Trump in power.

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