Trump To Hold Super Spreader Rally Instead Of Debating Joe Biden

Trump deemed himself no longer contagious and announced that he would a rally with a crowd instead of virtually debating Joe Biden.

Trump said on Fox Business:

I don’t think I’m contagious at all. First of all, if I’m at a rally, I stand by myself very far away from everybody, so whether I was or not, but I wouldn’t — I still wouldn’t go to a rally if I was contagious. But no, it takes a certain period of time. I feel that I’m — I feel that I’m great. You catch this thing, a lot of people caught it. Look, you have the governor of Virginia, he wore a mask all the time. You’d never see the guy without a mask, he catches it.

You have senators that wore masks all the time, Thom Tillis, a very good guy who I think, is now going to win his race because his opponent happened to have not one affair but two affairs, okay? That was not good timing, and I think Thom Tillis is going to win his race, and he should win it. He’s a good man. Mr. Mask, we’d call him, he caught it. You catch this thing, you know, it’s particles of dust, it’s tiny stuff. Now, as far as the White House is concerned, somebody got in. It was a day of celebration with Notre Dame, et cetera, et cetera, and somebody got in, and people got affected whether it was there or something else. Remember this, when you catch it, you get better, and then you’re immune.


Nowhere in the Fox Business interview did Trump mention when his last negative COVID test was, and he showed zero concern for the people around him in the White House catching the coronavirus from him. So far on Thursday morning, Trump has dropped out of the presidential debate, deemed himself not contagious, dismissed wearing a mask as ineffective, and shown zero concern for the health of others.

Trump doesn’t care if the people who have to fly with him to a rally get sick. Presidential and vice-presidential travel have caused outbreaks among Secret Service agents and support staff.

Donald Trump is still contagious, and he doesn’t care.

Instead of debating Joe Biden, Trump and his death cult are going to hold a super spreader event to make more people sick.

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