Drugged Up Trump Flip-Flops For A 3rd Time On Pandemic Stimulus Deal

Trump is now telling his aides that he wants a big stimulus deal like what Nancy Pelosi is proposing for his third reversal this week.

CNN Jim Sciutto tweeted:

Trump abruptly cut off talks on a new stimulus deal earlier this week in a move that was straight out of a 1980s Michael Douglas movie. Trump thinks that he is deploying leverage. He tried to leverage the Commission on Presidential Debates and ended up giving Joe Biden a nationally televised town hall.
The President has tried to leverage Pelosi on a pandemic stimulus deal, even though he is the one who is losing the election, as House Democrats appear primed to add seats to their House majority.

Trump is a terrible businessman who is at least $421 million in debt. He has taken those same failed business practices and brought them to the presidency with similar results. Pelosi isn’t going to do a deal with Trump unless it will provide real help to people who are suffering.

Donald Trump wants something that he can use to save his reelection campaign, but he will get nothing unless he does what he has never done before. He needs to put the American people first.

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