Kamala Harris Crushes Mike Pence 59%-38% In Debate Viewer Poll

A CNN Instant Poll of debate watchers named Kamala Harris, the vice presidential debate winner by a margin of 59%-38%.

CNN reported:

Kamala Harris, the clear winner according to debate watchers in our flash poll. 59% say she won the debate tonight. 38% say Mike pence won the debate tonight. And here’s some evidence to back that up. What winning a debate means? Improving your position from where you went in. Take a look. We asked about whether people had a favorable opinion before the debate of both candidates and after.

Look at the progress Harris made. Before the debate, 58% had a favorable opinion of her. After the debate, 63%. Mike Pence held steady. He didn’t lose ground but didn’t make up any ground—41% before the ground favorable and after the debate favorable. The critical question, are they qualified to be president, can they stop into the top job. 63% of debate watchers they Kamala Harris is qualified to be president. And Mike Pence, the sitting vice president of the United States, scores equally as well, 65% say he is ready and qualified to be president. Only 34% of debate watchers said he is not.


The debate viewers saw the debate the same way that I did.

Pence seemed to be debating to please Trump, while Harris was speaking to the American people. Mike Pence did the Republican ticket no favors by mimicking Trump’s bad debate performance, and he refused to follow the rules and was rude to Harris on numerous occasions.

Pence painted a picture of the Trump presidency that was completely divorced from reality fantasy.

Mike Pence wasn’t honest.

Debate watchers saw through him and named Kamala Harris the clear winner of the only vice presidential debate.

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Harris wins VP debate poll
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