Democrats Take the Lead Over Republicans in Early Voting


Early voting is underway, and more than six million Americans have already voted in 27 states for the upcoming general election, according to data from states that have already begun to accept ballots.

Michael McDonald, a political scientist at the University of Florida who analyzes early voting, noted that Democrats have returned 1.4 million ballots. That’s more than twice the number (630,000) that Republicans have returned thus far.

“The fact that you have such a massive Democratic head start, that to me makes it much more difficult for the Trump campaign to play catchup,” said Louisiana pollster John Couvillon. 


As The Hill points out:

In Florida, registered Democrats had out-voted registered Republicans by a slim 37 percent to 35 percent margin by this point in 2016. Today, almost 53 percent of votes cast in Florida have come from registered Democrats, while Republicans account for just 28 percent. In North Carolina, registered Democrats have cast 52 percent of all ballots so far, up from 36 percent four years ago. Registered Republicans account for just 17 percent of the ballots, down from 37 percent in 2016. And in Pennsylvania, a state at the heart of Trump’s reelection strategy, registered Democrats have cast more than three-quarters of all ballots. Republicans made up just 15 percent of ballots returned to date.”

President Donald Trump, who has been recovering at the White House since testing positive for the novel coronavirus, has been tweeting messages urging Republicans to vote and drive up voter turnout.

Yesterday, in a message addressed to voters in the state of Virginia, he claimed his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, would “take away” Second Amendment rights. (This is untrue, and Virginia is not considered a swing state this election cycle.)

“Let’s win this thing,” Biden wrote on Twitter earlier this morning.