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Report: Trump Staffers Are Furious President Won’t Fire Mark Meadows

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In the last two weeks, an astonishing number of people connected to Donald Trump have come down with COVID-19. And the most important person to contract the illness, of course, is the president himself.


While the country is desperate for information about the president and his health, neither his staff or his doctors have been forthcoming with information. And the person responsible for that, other than Trump, is Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.


While Meadows job is very difficult, he hasn’t done a good job of earning public trust. And he also hasn’t earned the trust of Trump staffers. According to Politico, the staffers are furious that the president won’t fire his Chief of Staff.


here“>Nancy Cook and Meridith McGraw report:

“His management has left many inside the White House frustrated, including, at times, Trump himself. Numerous White House aides said they feel Meadows has failed to keep hundreds of aides safe, not communicating much about new positive diagnoses within the complex, or signaling what, if any, safety protocols were being adopted during a frightening seven-day stretch that saw the virus race around the administration. The lack of information has bred distrust and low staff morale in a White House already known for infighting.”

A former White House aide also told Politico, “The president is the president — you go to work there knowing what he is like. But if I was a midlevel staffer there I’d be pretty pissed off at Meadows and these guys. It blows my mind. Maybe they didn’t give a sh*t about anything.”

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