9 People Who Attended Trump Minnesota Rally Test Positive For COVID

Trump’s most recent rally in Minnesota has resulted in at least nine of the attendees testing positive for the coronavirus.

The Minnesota Department of Health reported:

We now know that Trump had the coronavirus when he went to Minnesota and held a post-debate rally. The outbreak at the White House and in the Republican caucus of the US Senate is deservedly getting a lot of attention, but Donald Trump also caused COVID outbreaks in communities with his reckless and irresponsible rallies.

Trump is itching to start doing rallies again in places like Florida and Pennsylvania, but his rallies make people sick. The White House is still refusing to tell the American people when Trump’s last coronavirus test occurred.

Donald Trump could still be contagious right now. The fact that his first event back is going to be at a White House that so infected with COVID that it is unsafe for journalists to work there is not reassuring.

Trump rallies don’t just bring a sitting president who seeking a second term. They also bring Trump’s running mate, COVID-19.

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