Potentially Contagious Trump Wants To Hold COVID Spreading Rallies In Florida And Pennsylvania

As doctors warn that he still may be contagious, Donald Trump wants to hold rallies in the critical states of Florida and Pennsylvania.

The New York Times reported:

The onset of the president’s symptoms remains murky; if he started feeling sick on Oct. 1, the day he reported testing positive, then a Saturday return would be premature by C.D.C. guidelines. If he had his first symptoms the day before, then Saturday would meet the 10-day mark. Mr. Trump’s doctors have said he has not experienced fever in days, but the dexamethasone steroid he is taking is known to hide a fever.


Watching the news coverage and angry at the state of the race, Mr. Trump has been imploring aides to let him resume campaign rallies as soon as this weekend. He showed up again in the Oval Office on Thursday despite efforts to get him to remain in the residence until he was more fully recovered. In addition to the attempt to hold a rally in Florida on Saturday, he said he would try to stage one the following day in Pennsylvania.

Trump released a note from his doctor speculating that he will be back to normal by Saturday, but the note was missing two important pieces of information. It didn’t if Trump was still contagious, and when the President’s last negative coronavirus test was.

The reality is that it is not safe for Trump to resume campaign activities yet. It is not safe for him to travel in an enclosed space and possibly infect more people. It is not safe for his own health for him to resume normal activities.

The coronavirus has followed Trump and Pence around on the campaign trail since the pandemic hit the US, but it is the height of irresponsibility and lack of concern for public health for a president who knows that he has the virus to travel and hold campaign rallies.

Rallies aren’t going to save Donald Trump. There aren’t enough Trump voters in the country for him to win by appealing to his base. They are nothing more than an ego boost for a dying presidency, and they may have life and death consequences for the people in the states that Donald Trump is planning to visit.

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