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Former WH Doctor Says Trump’s Monday Rally Will Make Him Look Weak

A week ago today, Donald Trump was being helicoptered over to Walter Reed Hospital. Ever since, the president, his administration and his doctor have been trying to downplay how sick he really is.

And with his poll numbers in absolute free-fall, Trump is itching to get back on the campaign trail. And he will do so in Florida this coming Monday.

The president shared the news on his Twitter feed on Friday. He wrote, “Will be in Sanford, Florida on Monday for a very BIG RALLY!”

Dr. Jonathan Reiner once served as Dick Cheney’s cardiologist. Earlier today, he  explained that it would be a mistake for Trump to rush to get back in front of people.  He told CNN, “The president has had a respiratory infection, probably a relatively severe respiratory infection. He will not be able to speak for his usual 90 minutes, he will start coughing. He’ll have trouble standing at the podium for an hour and he’ll look weak.”

While it is difficult for anyone in his orbit to control Donald Trump, Dr. Reiner said that someone has to step in for both his health and his political fortune. “If I were his adviser, I would use just that word. I would say, sir, you’re just recovering now. If you try and give your typical speech, you will look weak.”

Watch a clip of the clip below, courtesy of CNN:


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