Sick Trump Only Lasts 18 Minutes At Fake White House Speech


The White House disguised a campaign rally as an official speech, but they couldn’t hide the fact that Trump could only speak for 18 minutes.

Here is Trump who is still sick with COVID claiming that the coronavirus is disappearing:


Trump said, “I want you to know the nation is going to defeat this terrible China virus as we call it, and we’re producing powerful therapies and drugs. We’re healing the sick, and we’re going to recover, and the vaccine is coming out very very quickly in record time, as you know. It’s coming out very very soon…Science medicine will eradicate the China virus once and for all. We’ll get rid of it all over the world. You see big flareups in Europe, big flareups in Canada, a very big flareup in Canada, a lot of big flareups, but it’s disappearing, and it’s going to disappear.”

The coronavirus is not disappearing, and Canada’s “flareup” was almost thirty times smaller than the number of positive cases in the United States on Friday.

Jennifer Jacobs reported that Trump could only speak for 18 minutes at the event:

Donald Trump, who thinks that he is healthy, could only last 18 minutes at a campaign rally that was disguised as an official White House speech. Trump looks sick, weak, and potentially incapable of being president.

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