Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to Self Quarantine After Staffer has Positive COVID-19 Test


Andy Beshear is somewhat of an anomaly in the state of Kentucky. In 2016, Donald Trump easily won the state, defeating Hillary Clinton by a margin of over 30%.

But in 2019, incumbent Republican governor Matt Bevin had become one of the most unpopular lawmakers in the country. And shockingly, Beshear was able to defeat Bevin by a narrow margin in the November race.

And the Democrat has made a point of governing like a Liberal in the deep South and setting an example unseen in Washington. Unlike Donald Trump, Beshear will be self quarantining after a staffer had a positive COVID-19 case.


The Kentucky governor made the announcement via a video submitted to his social media accounts. He told viewers:

“The Beshear family, since the start of COVID-19, has been committed to setting an example. Of doing all those things that we’re asking Kentuckians to do. One of those is to answer the call. That’s when contact tracers call you because someone around you has tested positive. And ask you to do various things, including to quarantine. Well, yesterday, we got that call. One of those in my security detail got a positive test back late last night.”

These actions differ mightily than those taken by Donald Trump. Not only was Trump around people that had contracted the virus, he himself was suffering from COVID-19. There is still no answer as to when Trump had his first positive test as his Doctors have been less than honest with the American public.