Donald Trump is Furious at Fox News for Allowing Biden to Run “Negative Ads” About Him

At one point, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was flush with cash and  ready to relentlessly attack Joe Biden. But by the time the GOP really needed the money, it was pretty much gone.

Joe Biden massively outraised Trump during the party’s respective conventions. In addition, Democratic senate candidates have been setting records raising money against incumbent Republicans.

The Democrats are using that money to hit Republicans where it hurts; placing ads on the Fox News network. Considering that Donald Trump spends much of his day watching the cable news network he’s been seeing plenty of them.

On Monday, Trump took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with his formerly favorite network. He tweeted, “Fox News allows more negative ads on me than practically all of the other networks combined. Not like the old days, but we will win even bigger than 2016. Roger Ailes was the GREATEST!”

When Trump does criticize Fox, he often mentions the network’s founder Roger Ailes and what a great job he did. Ailes was a friend to Trump and acted as an informal adviser during the Republicans 2016 presidential campaign.

The reality, however, is that the Fox founder left the network in disgrace after being accused of sexual misconduct by countless women. Ailes died in 2017 at the age of 77 after suffering from hemophilia.

Trump made sure to punish Fox News for their misdeeds in his next tweet. When telling his fans where they can catch coverage of his rally, he conveniently left the network out. “Getting ready to land in Florida,” he wrote. “BIG CROWD! Live on various networks: OANN, Newsmax and CSPAN.”

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Todd Neikirk

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