Maskless Mike Lee Is Trying To Give Judiciary Committee Republicans COVID

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) participated maskless at Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing with no doctor’s confirmation that his COVID symptoms are gone.

Lindsey Graham claimed that Mike Lee was cleared by his doctor:

Heidi Przybyla reported:

Mike Lee showed in person at the hearing without a mask, and he has no medical confirmation that his symptoms are gone or that he is negative for the coronavirus. It has only been a week since Lee went into quarantine. He could still be contagious and could be infecting the other Republican members of the committee.

The White House Chief of Staff is refusing to wear a mask when talking to reporters. Republicans are attempting to jam through an unpopular Supreme Court nominee before an election that they are likely to lose, and Mike Lee is in the hearing potentially making senators and staff sick.

If more Republican senators get sick at these confirmation hearings, it could derail their plan to confirm Barrett before the end of the month.

Senate Republicans are risking the health and lives of those around them because all that they care about is taking away healthcare from millions of Americans.

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