Amy Coney Barrett Claims She Doesn’t Recall Ever Hearing Trump Promise To Kill Obamacare

When Amy Coney Barrett was being questioned by California Sen. Kamala Harris on Tuesday, she said she didn’t recall ever hearing Donald Trump promise to kill the Affordable Care Act before she was nominated to the Supreme Court.

“Prior to your nomination, were you aware of President Trump’s statements committing to nominate judges who will strike down the Affordable Care Act?” Sen. Harris asked in what seemed to be a pretty easy question.

“As I’m siting here, I don’t recall seeing those statements,” Barrett responded. “I guess I can’t really definitively give you a yes or no answer.”


Barrett’s response comes after a day of testimony in which she – among other things – refused to say whether Trump should commit to a peaceful transition of power.

Either Barrett is completely uninformed, or she’s not being honest

Anyone even remotely tuned in to current events understands that one of Donald Trump’s key campaign promises was to kill the Affordable Care Act.

On the issue of judicial nominees, Trump has repeatedly made it clear that he would choose judges committed to dismantling Obamacare. Amy Coney Barrett is one of those judges.

Either she is completely uninformed, or she simply isn’t telling the truth. Either way, it calls into question whether she should be given a lifetime position on the United States Supreme Court.

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