Lindsey Graham Is Scared And Begging For Cash On Fox News


Lindsey Graham is terrified that he is going to lose his Senate seat to Jaime Harrison, so he is begging for cash on Fox.

Graham said, “My opponent raised $57 million. One of the reasons he’s raising so much money is I stood up for Kavanaugh. They tried to take Kavanaugh out. I’m worried about Amy Barrett. She can handle what comes her way, but our Republicans need to defend her, and we will so help me at They’re trying to silence us all by swamping us with money, so this is a fight that really does matter.”



This is the same Lindsey Graham who forced the cancelation of a South Carolina senate debate last weekend because he refused to be tested for the coronavirus.

Jaime Harrison didn’t raise $57 million due to Brett Kavanaugh. Harrison raised $57 million because South Carolina needs a senator who will put the people of the state first. South Carolina has been poorly served by Graham for years, and now they have a candidate of the people who will speak for them.

The South Carolina senate contest is a dead heat. Lindsey Graham is terrified, which is why he is begging for dollars on Fox News.

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