Trump Begs Supreme Court To Hide His Tax Returns From Manhattan DA

Trump’s lawyers filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court to try to get them to block the Manhattan DA from getting his tax returns.

Axios reported:

President Trump’s attorneys filed an emergency request on Tuesday, asking the Supreme Court to block a lower court’s ruling that would allow the Manhattan district attorney to enforce a subpoena for his personal and corporate tax returns.

This could be the second time that the long-running legal battle over Trump’s finances ends up before the Supreme Court. In July, the court ruled that presidents are not immune from investigation but sent the case back down to lower courts, where Trump’s lawyers could try again to fight the subpoena.

The appeal to the Supreme Court is a last gasp effort by Trump to use the presidency to shield him from potential criminal prosecution. If the Court declines to intervene, Trump will have to keep fighting at the lower court level, but his options are growing increasingly limited.
The President has already lost at the state and federal appeals levels. If the Supreme Court does not come to his rescue, he may have to turn over the tax returns and other documents to prosecutors. Once the DA gets the documents, it will likely only be a matter of time before Trump and his adult children on the Trump Organization board are charged with a variety of fraud and financial crimes.

The Manhattan DA is closing in, and if Trump is booted out of office, he may be looking at a criminal indictment.

Winning the presidency may turn out to be the worst thing to ever happen to the Trump family.

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