WATCH: Cindy McCain Co-Hosts The View. Spends Most of the Time Blasting Trump.

For a number of years, Donald Trump has been taking shots at former Republican Senator John McCain. From saying he “likes people who weren’t captured” to claiming that he deserves a thank you for McCain’s funeral, the president has always been happy to take a shot at the GOP legend.

And during that time, McCain’s widow Cindy McCain has mostly remained silent. That changed when long-time family friend Joe Biden decided to run against Trump. First, McCain created a video for Biden during the RNC. She later came out and offered her full-throated endorsement.

McCain’s daughter, Meghan, is a host on ABC’s The View. With Meghan out on maternity leave, Cindy took over hosting duties during Tuesday’s broadcast. When the topic came to Trump’s super-spreader rallies, McCain first said, “to me, it’s a simple discussion. It’s all about arrogance and ego.”

McCain then explained why the president’s action are clear evidence as to why she is supporting his opponent, despite being a life-long Republican.

This is not presidential. This has everything to do with a personal agenda, and that’s why we need a change. That’s exactly why we need Joe Biden in the White House to stop this and act with character and dignity and leadership and empathy more importantly. We’ve lost over 200,000 people in this country to Covid, and still, he does things like this in Florida. It’s outrageous.”

She also added that she did not think her two veteran sons are “losers and suckers.”

Watch a clip of McCain’s comments below, courtesy of the ABC Network: