Facebook And Twitter Block Trump Attempt To Spread Russian Attack On Biden

The New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp, tried to circulate Russian propaganda and was blocked by Facebook and Twitter.

PoliticusUSA will not link to The Post story, but here is the notification from Twitter:

The Post claims to have hacked Hunter Biden emails, which is a violation of Twitter policy:

Facebook also shut the story down:

The Hunter Biden tale came from Rudy Giuliani who is being fed information by pro-Putin individuals in Ukraine.

The Russians and Trump are very predictable. It is almost four years to the week, that the hacked Clinton campaign emails were dumped. Trump, Putin, and conservative are running the same playbook. Instead of Hillary Clinton, the target in 2020 is Hunter Biden.

The difference is that social media companies aren’t going to be willing tools for Trump and Russia. Their disinformation is being shut down, as the hostile foreign actor and the president installed are not being given the social media platform to spread propaganda, lies, and misinformation.

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