Trump Looks Like A Washed-Up Musician On A Farewell Tour At Iowa Superspreader Rally

What began as another Trump superspreader rally on Wednesday night quickly devolved into what looked like a farewell tour for a musician whose best days are behind him.

During the Iowa campaign event, Trump quickly dove into his usual fact-free talking points about a range of topics, from an already-debunked story about Hunter Biden’s emails to nonsense about undocumented immigrants flooding American communities.

The unhinged president also called Sen. Cory Booker “stupid,” claimed that he alone has saved the suburbs, and got momentarily distracted by a passing plane.

Trump, perhaps realizing that his shtick has become utterly boring, decided to throw a curveball and do a costume change in the middle of his stream-of-consciousness rant.

“If you can wear the hat, I can wear the hat,” Trump said, as he pulled out one of his cartoonish MAGA caps. “Should I take off the tie or not, what do you think?”

Trump then proceeded to remove his tie – all as the crowd of largely maskless supporters roared in approval – and tossed it into the non-socially distanced sea of people.


It’s important to note that Donald Trump was recently infected and hospitalized with COVID-19. As Aaron Rupar of Vox instructed the member of the crowd who caught the tie, “Please wash thoroughly.”

The Trump Show has jumped the shark

The hangers-on who show up at Trump rallies may still love watching their dear leader spew crackpot conspiracy theories and racist rhetoric from behind the presidential podium, but these events are boring and unwatchable to pretty much everybody else.

It’s why they don’t get the kind of wall-to-wall coverage they received during Trump’s presidential campaign four years ago. Even Fox News is starting to turn away.

Trump himself seems to recognize that he has nothing of substance to say to his own supporters, so he relies on cheap theatrics to get big applause.

Donald Trump may have played his “greatest hits” at his superspreader rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, but the event looked more like a farewell tour for a washed up musician than it did a campaign rally for an incumbent president.

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