Trump Busted For Faking Supporters Wearing Masks At His Rallies

CNN’s Jim Acosta detailed how Trump is handing out masks to the people standing behind him to create a false impression of mask-wearing.

Acosta said, “We should point out that there are very few people practicing social distancing. Very few people wearing masks. But I want to point out one thing. Behind the podium where the president will speak later this evening, the campaign has been very strategic about this. Having those supporters wear MAGA masks to give the impression to people tuning in from home that people at these rallies are, in fact, wearing masks when in fact, that is a very small minority of the people who come to these rallies.”


It is all a con. Trump knows that the feed camera can’t show the crowd. It is why when he takes the stage, there is only one camera view, and it is pointed straight at him. Trump knows that the cameras can’t pan around and show the maskless crowd COVID breeding ground at his rallies, so he slaps some masks on the people behind him to make the campaign events look safer than what they really are.

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What Trump is showing the American people is fake.

The reality is that Trump’s rallies are super spreader maskless affairs.