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Biden says he'll let the DOJ decide on prosecuting Trump

Biden Says He’ll Let The DOJ Decide On Prosecuting Trump

Joe Biden said that he wouldn’t use the Department of Justice as his personal lawyers, and he will let the DOJ decide on prosecuting Trump.

Biden was asked about Robert Mueller’s evidence that Trump obstructed justice, and he answered:

What the Biden justice department will do is let the Department Of Justice be the Department Of Justice. Let them make the judgments of who should be prosecuted. They are not my lawyers. They’re not my personal lawyers.


I’m not going to rule it in or out. I’m going to hire first-rate prosecutors and people that understand the law, Democrat and Republican administrations have had, and let them make the judgment. But turning this into a vehicle for, as if it’s your own law firm, you don’t own that justice department. You pick the best people you can and you hope what they’re going to do is, they’re going to enforce the law as they see it.

But can you remember any Republican president going out there, former Democratic president, go find that guy and prosecute him? You ever heard of that? Or, by the way, I’m being sued because a woman is accusing me of rape, represent me. Represent me. Personally represent me in the state of New York on my — not allowing my tax returns. What’s that all about? What is that about?


Trump should be terrified that Biden is going to let the DOJ decide if he gets prosecuted for potential crimes. Joe Biden is a nice guy, but he is not going to let Trump get away with criminal activity. Biden is promising that the crazy will come to an end and the federal government will be restored to normal if he wins.

The Biden message is that it is time to hit the reset button and cleanse America after four years of Trump.

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