Donald Trump

Trump Says He’s Considering a Larger Coronavirus Relief Package

Negotiations over more coronavirus relief legislation have largely faltered, and President Donald Trump says he’s considering a larger relief package, one larger than the $1.8 trillion offered by the White House.

When Fox Business host Stuart Varney asked him if he would consider a larger bill, Trump responded: “I would. This was not caused by our workers or our people. This was caused by China. And China will pay us back in one form or another… Go big or go home.”

You can watch the president’s remarks below.

Earlier this month, the president swiftly canceled negotiations only to walk his decision back the following day amid criticism. The president’s moves delivered a shock to financial markets. Business leaders have advocated for another stimulus package to give Americans more confidence in their economy.

The Democrat-led House passed the HEROES Act in May. The $3 trillion stimulus package would extend a $600 unemployment benefit as well as provide Americans with sorely needed stimulus checks. The Senate has refused to consider the legislation, and the unemployment benefit expired at the end of July. The Senate later took a recess after negotiations stalled.

The president’s comments come on the same day the Department of Labor (DOL) released its latest unemployment numbers. The data shows that unemployment claims have hit their highest level since mid-August.

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