Trump Melts Down In Florida And Accuses Biden Of Running A Crime Family


At a taxpayer-funded official White House event in Florida, Trump accused Joe Biden of being the head of a crime family.

Trump said, “I’ll bet you Hunter is a middle man. He’s collecting. He’s like a vacuum cleaner. He follows his father around collecting. What a disgrace. It’s a crime family. You want to know something? It’s a crime family. Hunter Biden is a middle man. Oh, that’s wild. These people are amazing. He’s a middle man. You’re right.”



Joe Biden and his family are not under criminal investigation. Donald Trump and his kids are under criminal investigation in New York for bank and financial fraud. Joe Biden and his family are not $421 million in debt and refusing to release their tax returns.

Trump is playing the same game that he played in 2016, but Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton. Trump is trying to muddy the water on the potential Trump family crime and corruption by projecting it all on to Joe Biden.

Trump’s con isn’t working because the American people like Joe Biden and know the truth about him. They also know the truth about Donald Trump.

The President can’t run a real campaign so he is trying to create conspiracies to dirty up his opponent, but Joe Biden isn’t playing his game and remains solely focused on winning the White House in less than a month.

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