Trump Supporter Calls For ABC News Reporter To Be Shot At Rally

As Donald Trump continues to watch his presidency slip away, his supporters are calling on journalists to be shot.

A person in line at one of Trump’s Florida campaign stops told an ABC News reporter, ABC News…Put a bullet in your head, buddy. I got one…”


Given their leader’s constant demonizing of the free press and his willingness to throw violent threats around, more of this type of behavior should be expected from Trump supporters.

Donald Trump’s cult-like supporters have been fed a fantasy for years. Between the president himself and conservative media outlets, the MAGA crowd sincerely believes that Trump is going to win and that the only reality is what they see on their conservative outlets of choice.

In democracies, we don’t call for journalists to be killed because they are reporting facts that a president may not like or agree with.

Trump may lose this election, but the mentality that he has allowed to flourish is not going to disappear within the Republican Party. The authoritarian impulses and contempt for the free press will not go away among the right even if voters kick Trump and Senate Republicans to the curb.

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