WATCH: Trump Calls Number One Fan Matt Gaetz the Wrong Name at Florida Rally

Last updated on January 26th, 2021 at 03:01 pm

Recently, Republican lawmakers like Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney have forcefully condemned  Donald Trump. But for every Romney or Sasse, there are 15 GOP Reps willing to completely debase themselves for the president.

And perhaps no one lawmaker is more sycophantic to the president than  Matt Gaetz. So it had to be devastating for the Florida congressman to realize Trump didn’t even remember his name during an Ocala rally on Friday.

Trump told the crowd, “And the she (Savannah Guthrie) said it was my fault. It was my people who caught them. It was Trump’s fault. Why is it always my fault. Can it ever be (pointing at Matt Gaetz) Rick Gates‘ fault? It’s always Trump’s fault, Rick.”

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The president continued, “By the way, how did the governor do? Did he get up and make a great speech? Good governor.”

While Matt Gaetz spells his name differently than Rick Gates, both have worked closely with the president.

Rick Gates was a protegee of Paul Manafort and worked for the 2016 Trump campaign. He was cooperated with Federal prosecutors during the Russia investigation and was given probation. Gates recently wrote a book about his experiences called Wicked Game.

Matt Gaetz, on the other hand, has done any and everything to aid the president. This included threatening Michael Cohen before the ex-Trump lawyer spoke before congress. The background of his Twitter page is a selfie of him and the president. He is sure to devastated by the president’s gaffe.

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