17 Times More People Have Already Voted Early In 2020 Than Voted In 2016

Twenty five million votes have already been cast in 2020, which is seventeen times more turnout than at the same point in 2016.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi tweeted:

People are standing in long lines to vote early. They are dropping off the ballots at drop boxes. Voters are no being dissuaded or intimidated by Trump’s warnings, threats, and attacks on the Postal Service.

The American people are showing up, and they are voting early in record numbers.

Republicans are pessimistic and feeling like they are about to be blown out, and history suggests that Republicans don’t fare well in high turnout elections, so they have valid reason to be concerned.

Voters have so many reasons to get out and vote. The pandemic that resurgent and ravaging the nation. The economy that suffered its worst collapse since the Great Depression. Healthcare and a woman’s right to choose are now both on the ballot thanks to the Republican efforts to ram an unwanted Supreme Court nominee through the Senate.

Trump and his party of enablers can only be stopped at the ballot, and that appears to be what voters are doing.

At this moment, it looks like democracy is winning in the United States of America.