Trump’s Grip On Reality Is Long Gone As He Predicts ‘Giant Red Wave’ In All-Caps Twitter Tirade

Donald Trump once again demonstrated on Saturday that his grip on reality is long gone, taking to Twitter to blast out all-caps assaults on Joe Biden – and grammar.

In one tweet, Trump exclaimed, “GIANT RED WAVE COMING!”

Trump Predicts Red Wave

It’s important to note that while it’s still possible for Trump to eke out another Electoral College victory, no credible polling suggests that this election will result in a “red wave.”

With just over two weeks to go, the most likely outcomes range from a razor-thin Trump victory to a potential Biden landslide.

In a second Twitter post on Saturday, Trump spewed a lie about Biden’s tax policy, while simultaneously waging war on the English language, as he so often does.

Trump Biden Taxes and Grammar

Fact check: Biden plans to eliminate the Trump-GOP tax giveaway for the wealthiest individuals and corporations, while not raising taxes a penny on Americans who make less than $400,000 a year.

Also, grammar check: country’s.*

While Trump has since deleted and reposted a grammatically corrected version of the tweet, the lies remain.

The truth, of course, is that Joe Biden’s economic policy will create seven million more jobs than Trump’s and lead to higher incomes for middle-class Americans.

Donald Trump is fully off his rocker as this campaign closes out

Many of Donald Trump’s closest advisers and supporters were hoping that the president would pivot to a more disciplined message as this campaign closes out.

But just like Trump’s pivot to acting presidential never came over the past four years, his campaign of smears, hate and division is unlikely to change in the closing weeks of this contest.

With polls showing him on the doorstep of a humiliating defeat to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is only likely to become more desperate and unhinged, as his Saturday Twitter meltdowns demonstrated.

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