Bill Barr’s DOJ Says Trump’s Denial Of Rape Allegations Is An Official Presidential Act

The Bill Barr Justice Department on Monday continued to intervene on Donald Trump’s behalf in a decades-old rape allegation against the sexual predator in chief.

According to The New York Times, “The Justice Department said on Monday that President Trump should not be sued personally for having denied a rape allegation because he made the statement while acting in his official capacity as president.”

In other words, denying rape allegations is just part of the job – at least when Donald Trump is president.

More from The New York Times:

Lawyers for the government made the argument as they defended Attorney General William P. Barr’s decision to intervene in a defamation lawsuit filed in a New York court against President Trump by E. Jean Carroll, the writer.

Ms. Carroll has said that Mr. Trump raped her in a department store two decades ago and then falsely denied the attack, branding her a liar and harming her reputation.

But Justice Department lawyers say that even though the allegation concerns an incident that occurred decades before Mr. Trump became president, his denial was still an official act because he “addressed matters relating to his fitness for office as part of an official White House response to press inquiries.”

More evidence that the Justice Department is dead

The Department of Justice under William Barr has become nothing more than Donald Trump’s personal defense team, and the transformation has taken place in plain sight.

From whitewashing the Mueller report to meddling in Trump-related SDNY cases to pushing the president’s conspiracy theories, Bill Barr is Trump’s fixer, not America’s attorney general. It’s a role that Barr seems proud to play, no matter how much long-term damage he’s done to the DOJ.

If Joe Biden is elected in two weeks and takes office next January, he’ll have his work cut out for him in appointing an independent attorney general who can restore credibility to the broken Department of Justice.

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