Rolling Stone Endorses Biden: Trump Is “Categorically Unfit to Be President”

The editorial staff of Rolling Stone has endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, writing that President Donald Trump is “categorically unfit to be president.”

Fortunately for America, Joe Biden is Donald Trump’s opposite in nearly every category: The Democratic presidential nominee evinces competence, compassion, steadiness, integrity, and restraint,” the editors write. “Perhaps most important in this moment, Biden holds a profound respect for the institutions of American democracy, as well as a deep knowledge about how our government — and our system of checks and balances — is meant to work; he aspires to lead the nation as its president, not its dictator.”

The magazine criticized Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic, noting that his leadership has “left 215,000 of us and counting dead from a serious but preventable public-health crisis, tens of millions out of work or underemployed,” Additionally, Trump has left “a cataclysmic climate crisis ignored, our democratic institutions in disrepair, and the public’s faith in its elected representatives at an all-time low.”

Electing Biden, the magazine recommends, would be the “first step” to America “stepping back from this precipice,” noting that Biden “envisions a revival anchored in unity.” Lauding his progressive plans on issues ranging from the climate crisis to racial justice and LGBT rights, the magazine observes Biden has the ingredients restore the nation’s “national character.”

“America doesn’t need a saint in the Oval Office,” Rolling Stone writes. “But the country has been reeling with a broken man at the Resolute Desk. Trump is a narcissist and an egotist, a shameless liar and an open bigot, a man who simply cannot understand the notion of sacrifice for the greater good, even as he demands unthinking fealty from those in his service.”