‘Nobody Wants Me’: Trump Accidentally Stumbles Into The Truth During Pennsylvania Rally

During a bizarre rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, Donald Trump momentarily stumbled into the truth as he came to the realization that “nobody” really likes him.

As the president was ticking through a short list of people that he says don’t want him to be reelected, he concluded by saying, “Nobody wants me. Nobody.”

For a brief moment in time, Trump appeared to do something that’s almost unheard of at his MAGA rallies: Tell the truth.

“What I’ve gone through – the drug companies, they’re spending a fortune on fake ads. They don’t want me. They don’t want me. China doesn’t want me. Iran doesn’t want me. Nobody wants me. Nobody,” he said.

Fact check: True.

Of course, Trump quickly snapped out of it when his cult-like crowd of supporters cheered that they, in fact, want him, to which Trump responded, “Erie wants me. Erie wants me.”


Trump is the president America never wanted

Donald Trump may have eked out an Electoral College victory four years ago, but a majority of the American people didn’t choose him as their preferred candidate to lead the country.

Since taking office, Trump hasn’t spent a single day trying to appeal to those who didn’t support him in 2016. It’s been four years of riling up the MAGA base with hateful rhetoric and inhumane policies.

It’s no surprise then that Trump is the first president in the modern polling era to not achieve a single day of majority approval throughout his first term.

So when the president briefly admitted that “nobody wants” him during a rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, he was actually telling the truth.

Donald Trump is the president that America never wanted.

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