Poll: Biden Leads Trump by Nine Points Nationwide


According to the latest New York Times-Siena College survey, Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by nine points nationwide, 50 percent to 41 percent. Biden was ahead by eight points in the same poll last month.

Biden leads by 23 points among female voters; Trump leads by six points among male voters. Biden also enjoys a 28-point lead among the nation’s youngest voters and a 10-point lead among the oldest. He has the support of voters aged 30 to 44 (eight points) and 45 to 64 (three points).

The poll also shows that while Trump leads among white voters (six points) including white voters without college degrees (23 points), Biden has the support of nonwhite voters (44 points).

Voters are split on the economy, long Trump’s major selling point, with 48 percent saying they trust Trump to be a better leader and 47 percent saying Biden would be a better choice. Biden also receives high marks among voters on who would be more successful at unifying the country (a 19-point lead), on who would better handle the coronavirus (a 12-point lead), and who would establish law and order (a six-point lead).


Trump’s “diminished standing on economic matters and law and order is a damaging setback for the president, who for much of the general election has staked his fortunes on persuading Americans that a Biden administration will leave them impoverished and unsafe. But that argument has not managed to move the electorate in his direction,” The New York Times reports