Joe Biden Ended Trump By Being A President In The Final Debate

Joe Biden sounded like a president, as Donald Trump spent the debate spreading Russian conspiracy theories and sounding desperate.

The exchange on the coronavirus showed that Biden is living in reality as Trump resides in fantasyland:

Trump showed nothing, but contempt for the middle-class when Biden tried to discuss their concerns:

Trump tried to paint Biden as corrupt, but Biden turned it around and brought up Rudy Giuliani and Trump’s Chinese bank account:

Biden was calm and in control of the debate, as Trump was bouncing off the walls and trying to portray Joe Biden as corrupt. Trump failed at every level. He was asked repeatedly by Kristen Welker how he would carry out specific policies, and he had nothing.

Trump provided no answers. His go-to move was to lie. Trump didn’t want to talk about having a plan to deal with the pandemic. Trump defended putting kids in cages. Trump had no solution on healthcare. It was the standard Trump performance. It was full of false statements, empty promises, and delusional portrayals of the country.

Joe Biden didn’t get down in the mud with Trump. He didn’t take the bait. Trump pushed the bogus Russian Hunter Biden conspiracy theory. Biden offered a damning indictment of Trump’s record of failure.

Trump played lots of his greatest hits, including calling immigrants murderers and rapists, but it was nothing new. America has heard it all before.

Joe Biden delivered a knockout blow by acting like a president.

Donald Trump sounded confused about who he was running against, as he tried to replay the 2016 election.

The country has moved on, and Donald Trump sounded like a failed relic of four years ago.

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