Surging Joe Biden Just Obliterated Trump’s Shut Down Lies

During a speech addressing how he would handle the pandemic, Joe Biden clearly and directly destroyed Trump’s lies about shutting down the economy.


Biden said:

Schools and businesses can’t make responsible decisions if they don’t have the information, the science. It’s not just more detail effective guidance they need. It’s consultations and technical support, so people have a place to turn with their questions. Having a government that’s in your corner. Not a government that’s turned its back on you. Once we get our federal, state and local governments working together, once there’s universal masking, enough PPE, and testing to go around, science-backed guidance to help us make the right decision then we can get our kids back to school safely. Our businesses growing and our economy running again without wasting another minute.

I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m not going to shut down the country. I’m going to shut down the virus.

Trump is trying to scare people into believing that Joe Biden will come into office and shut down the economy. It is the only card that Trump has left to play. He can’t defend his own response to the pandemic. He continues to try to lie the pandemic away, but the American people can see what is happening around with their own eyes, so fear is all that Trump has left.

Joe Biden cut through the President’s lies and delivered the argument that is likely to carry him to victory in less than two weeks.

Biden wants to reopen America by shutting down the coronavirus.

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Joe Biden obliterates Trump's shutdown lies
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