Biden Named Debate Winner 53%-39% Over Trump

A CNN poll of debate watchers found that Joe Biden won the debate by a margin of 53%-39%, as Trump’s attacks were not popular.


CNN reported:

This is a poll of debate watchers. It’s not representative of the country, overall. And our sample in this poll of debate watchers was about 32% democratic and 31% Republican. The rest, independent. So, pretty evenly distributed. Perhaps, a slightly more Republican sample than we see in national polling, right now. But with that in mind, the winner of this debate was Joe Biden, among these debate watchers. 53% said Biden. 39% said Donald Trump. And I, also, want to show you, though, how that compares to the first debate. Joe Biden didn’t win this debate by as much as he won that first debate, according to debate watchers.

Remember, it was 60% to 28%. Now, it’s 53% to 39%. I also want to show how their favorable ratings changed, or didn’t, before the debate and after the debate. Before the debate, among this group, he had a 55% favorable rating. After the debate, 56%. Basically, the same. Donald Trump, 42% before the debate. 41%, after the debate. So, I think that argues this debate probably did not change much. That the trajectory did not change much, at all, in this debate. We also asked about the attacks, Jake, on the candidate. Were Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden fair? Were Joe Biden’s attacks on Donald Trump fair?

Take a look at this. Biden’s attacks on Trump, 73% said, yes, they were fair. Only 26%, a quarter of debate watchers, said, no, they weren’t fair. Very different results, when you ask about Donald Trump’s attack on Joe Biden. Look at this. It’s about split in half. 50% said, yes, trump’s attacks on Biden were fair. But 49% of debate watchers said, no, Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden were not fair. So definitely, on the truth meter, the attack meter, it was a Biden advantage, there. But again, those favorable ratings, not moving. To me, that suggests the race leaves this debate, as it entered it, which right now, as you know, is advantage, Biden.

After four years of coldness and division, most voters are craving empathy and compassion. Biden’s message is unity, empathy, and compassion. Trump failed to paint Biden as corrupt or as a radical leftist.

Trump went back to his 2016 playbook, and it failed.

Biden won this debate, and what should be most worrying to Republicans is that Trump can’t get beyond 39%-41% support and approval.

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