Trump Campaign Feeling Financial Crunch with Just Days Until the Election

The Trump campaign is pressed for cash with November’s general election mere days away. The Biden campaign started October with $177 million in the bank. The Trump campaign, comparatively, trails behind with just $63.1 million in the home stretch.

That’s a massive turn of events for the Trump campaign, which has raised and spent more than $1 billion this cycle,” reported The Hill. “Trump started the year with more than $100 million in the bank, compared to less than $10 million for Biden.” The outlet notes that Trump’s campaign “simply cannot compete against Biden in paid media at a time when the president trails in a number of national, state, and district level polls.”

“You come into the final two weeks of a campaign, those numbers really tell you a story,” said Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman. “It shows you who has the energy, the grassroots support, and the momentum. The reality is that the emperor does not only have any clothes, the emperor has no campaign budget.”

Yesterday, The New York Times reported that the Trump campaign “has far less money than advisers had once anticipated for the final stretch of the presidential election” and that President Donald Trump has “slashed millions of dollars in previously reserved television ads and detoured from the battleground states that will decide the election” to close the financial gap.

Joe Biden continues to lead in battleground states according to the latest polling.

A CNBC/Change Research Poll shows Biden has maintained his lead in six key swing states. Biden is leading, 50 percent to 46 percent, in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.