Trump Could Be Heading To Prison As Tax Fraud Evidence Exposed

Trump’s charitable donations are already under investigation in New York, and his tax returns show that he also committed federal tax fraud.

According to The New York Times:

Even without the details of Mr. Trump’s individual giving, The Times was able to identify public, philanthropic promises that appear either to have been exaggerated or to have never materialized. In each case, the size of his pledge exceeded what he told the I.R.S. he had given in a particular year.


While it is possible that he chose not to report some of his giving, his tax records for 2010 to 2014 reflect far less than he claimed — $735,238 in cash and $26.8 million in land easements and other noncash gifts.

If Trump lied to the IRS about charitable donations over the course of years, that is systemic tax fraud. It’s not a mistake that should be rectified by paying the penalty. It is evidence that Donald Trump lied to the United States Treasury and illegally avoided taxes.

The evidence that Trump has committed multiple forms of tax fraud is growing overwhelming. New York State is investigating these lies, and the IRS should be too.

Donald Trump may soon be without the presidency to protect him from criminal prosecution. At some point in the near future, prosecutors will have his tax returns, and when they do, if he is out of office, there will be nothing stopping them from filing criminal charges against the man who could then be known as former President Trump.

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