Guy Behind Trump At Florida Rally Appears To Make White Power Gesture

At Trump’s latest rally in Florida, one of Trump’s hand-picked audience members sitting behind him appeared to make the white power gesture.


Trump was crushed by debate watchers who rejected his message of division and embraced Joe Biden’s calls for unity, so the last thing that his campaign needed was to sit a guy who is appearing to make the white power gesture while Trump is speaking right behind the president in full view of the camera.

It wasn’t a random audience member who was flashing the gesture to all the white supremacists at home watching. It was a person who was selected by the campaign to sit behind the President Of The United States.

Trump’s campaign and the people it attracts are a walking advertisement for Joe Biden.

White supremacists and racists are a key part of the Trump base. Trump won’t explicitly denounce racists and hate groups because he needs their support, and in a post-presidential life, they may be his only source of income.

Trump and his supporters keep showing America who they really are, which is why they are poised for defeat in less than two weeks.

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