Republicans Are Tying To Use Amy Coney Barrett To Steal Pennsylvania

Republicans filed an appeal to the Supreme Court late on Friday night to overturn Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot extension.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported:

In a filing Friday night with the nation’s high court, the state Republican Party made essentially the same argument it had unsuccessfully presented earlier to the same court: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling allows ballots to be cast and counted after Election Day, the GOP said, violating the federal law setting one single Election Day across the country, and is unconstitutional because it takes away the state legislature’s power to decide how elections are run.

In a 4-4 split Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court did not grant that previous emergency request to step in and block the deadline extension. Friday night’s filing differs in that it is asking the court to take up the case itself and decide whether the state court ruled properly. And Monday’s all-but-certain confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court could tip the balance in deciding the new request.

State Republicans, who are Trump as he has taken control of the state party, are making the same argument because they know that Amy Coney Barrett will vote forb them and invalidate critically important voters that will be postmarked by Election Day but arrive in the three-day extension window.

The way to thwart this plan is simple. Pennsylvanians have been dropping off their ballots in person, as this Pennsylvanian did, at county election office drop boxes.

Trump has been illegally filming Pennsylvania voters who dropped off their ballots in a bid to find voter fraud that he can use to invalidate the dropbox ballots.

Even if the Supreme Court throws out the extended deadline, the Trump voter suppression plan is unlikely to work. Of the 3 million mail-in ballots requested, 1.5 million have already been returned, and there remains 11 days before Election Day.

Trump and his party are trying to use Amy Coney Barrett to steal Pennsylvania, but as long as people keep turning in their ballots early, the Keystone State blue wave could be inevitable.

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