The Republican Party Spent $1 Million Rigging The Bestseller List For Sean Hannity

At a time when Republican candidates all over the country need money, the Republican Party spent a million bucks to make Sean Hannity’s book a bestseller.

Salon reported:

Additionally, a retail representative told Salon that the RNC placed at least one more recent order for the book, on Oct. 22: an additional 1,500 copies for $26,100. That purchase will not appear in public filings until after the election.

While the RNC did not send Salon the data it originally promised, evidence suggests that all of the $492,308 in expenditures went to Hannity’s book. Combined with August receipts, it is possible that the RNC has spent more than $900,000 on Hannity’s book over the last three months.

Senate Republican incumbents all across the nation are being exponentially out raised by Democrats. House Republicans have no shot at reclaiming the majority, in part because their fundraising situation is dire. At the top of the ticket, the Trump/Pence campaign is basically broke.

Instead of helping candidates, Trump’s Republican Party is rewarding his friends and media cheerleaders like Sean Hannity. Trump has converted the Republican fundraising apparatus into a graft and patronage operation for the personal benefit of the president and his friends.

The rigging of the bestseller list demonstrates both Trump’s party’s petty desire to cheat to get good media, and the absolute mismanagement of the resources of a political party.

If Republicans lose control of the Senate by a small margin in a few states, they difference will be the money that they wasted on propping up Trump and cronies.

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